What Is Dermizax - Better Than Gore-Tex

What Is Dermizax - Better Than Gore-Tex

Dermizax is a high-performance waterproof and breathable fabric used in outdoor apparel. Find out why Gore-Tex is the superior choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

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When you’re up on the mountain, whether you’re skiing or snowboarding, having the right gear to support you during such a physically demanding activity is crucial. It’s not just about having a jacket or a pair of pants that keep you warm in snowy conditions, there are so many other factors that come into play when it comes to choosing the best equipment on the market. From waterproofness to breathability, durable fabric and the amount of movement it allows, there’s a heap to consider before making the decision to invest in something so heavily tied to taking part in the sport. Not only does choosing the right type of material matter, but it’s all the other things that help you to perform at your best and offer the least restriction. In this article, we’re going to explore all of the qualities of our Dermizax fabric technology and why you should choose it over Gore-Tex for your next purchase.

Plus, you’ll also get a run down of the Dermizax products we sell here at Powster to get you sorted for the ski season, like our Dermizax Snow Pants. Dermizax is a waterproof, windproof, and wicking membrane that is specially developed to provide protection against all kinds of weather while remaining as comfortable as possible.

What is Dermizax?

If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast, you’ll know all about the importance of having the right gear to ensure that you’re able to achieve everything you want to tackle when it comes to getting stuck in in nature. Skiing and snowboarding are hands down two of the most active sports out there, so getting all your ducks in a row and having the right outfit is key to being able to put your best foot forward. Over several years, many brands and businesses have tried to master the right fabric for skiing and snowboarding activities that ticks all the boxes. Dermizax is the latest of those inventions and is 100% taking the industry by storm.

Created by Japanese company Toray, Dermizax is renowned for its superior fabric technology due to its waterproofness, breathability, strength and stretch. Like our Dermizax Ski Jacket Camouflage. A durable, three-layer lightweight membrane, it’s been proven to be 100% protective against the elements, including water and wind – making it an ideal fabric to be wearing when you’re hitting the slopes. Designed for high-performance sports, it’s also incredibly breathable so you won’t feel like you’re carrying excess weight and causing yourself to overheat, no matter how hard you’re working on the mountain. 

As for wearing comfort, Dermizax is super soft and can be stretched up to 200%, which makes it the best option for supporting you through movement when you’re skiing or snowboarding. With its membrane made up of a hydrophilic material, it utilises moving molecules, as opposed to most other membranes which have micropores. This offers a number of advantages and makes Dermizax shell clothing, like our Dermizax Ski Jacket Neon, the very best on the market thanks to its high performance and superior durability.

Benefits of Dermizax

When buying ski and snowboarding clothing, it can become very difficult to distinguish what products and their materials are going to be most suitable for the activity you’re doing and what’s going to be the most useful for keeping you on top of your game. Dermizax is by far one of the best fabric technologies on the market in the snow sports world, and we’re about to tell you all the reasons why. See for yourself by taking a look at our Dermizax Ski Jacket Greypink.

Ultimate Elasticity

One of the best features of the Dermizax membrane is its ability to be extremely flexible. This is key when it comes to choosing the right ski and snowboarding gear for all those twists, jumps and turns you’re going to be making on the slopes. It has an elasticity of more than 200%, which essentially means that the membrane can be stretched up to twice its own length in four directions. This ensures that Dermizax garments are very comfortable to move in, all while reducing the risk of delamination during extreme activities.

Temperature Regulation

Let’s get just a little sciency and technical. Wearing clothing on the mountain that allows you to breathe when you’re heating up from physical exertion is a big one. With Dermizax, the moving polymer molecules intentionally move faster at high temperatures or a high activity level. This is a good thing, because it means that its breathability improves when you get hot and sweaty. When it is cold and you want to retain excess heat to keep cozy, the polymer molecules slow down and the heat loss is reduced to a minimum. So no matter how much energy you’re using, the fabric will work to keep you at a stable and comfortable temperature.

Super Durable

Unlike other skiing and snowboarding clothing technology, the Dermizax membrane doesn’t have those same micropores that can be obstructed by dirt, or by salt crystals from salt water. It also prevents water from sticking to the pores and expanding when the temperature drops below freezing point. Why is this important you might ask? Well, really it comes down to the life expectancy of your gear. It’s not a small investment, so being able to buy clothing that will stand the test of time, no matter what climate you expose it to, is crucial.  Dermizax retains its unique functions even when dirty and after many years of use, like our Dermizax Snowboard Bibs Purple.

Easy to Clean

There’s nothing worse than spending a good few days tearing up the mountain only to have to spend hours trying to figure out the best way to clean your ski or snowboarding gear before it gets put away until the next run.  The high quality of the membrane can maintain its state even after several washes with regular washing powder in your machine at home. In contrast, the quality of materials made from micropores are known to deteriorate after each wash, which is a result of the ceramic particles of regular washing powder clogging the pores.

100% Waterproof

Keeping dry on the slopes is a priority for many athletes, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in soggy clothing all day when you’re trying to make the most of your time shredding pow. Luckily, the water column, which is the value of waterproofness, is a minimum of 20,000 millimeters for Dermizax materials – a whole lot higher than other alternatives. Thanks to this technology, you can take to the slopes as much as you like without having to worry about getting damp and cold every time you run into bad weather or land yourself in a pile of snow.

Maximum Breathability 

The worst feeling is getting too hot and sticky in your ski or snowboarding gear and wanting to do anything just to get out of it. Dermizax designers know what it feels like, which is exactly why they’ve made their products breathable up to 30,000 g/m2/24h for 3-layer Dermizax clothing essentials, and up to 40,000 g/m2/24h for 2-layer Dermizax. That way, you can go as hard as you like on the slopes without worrying about when you’ll next have the chance to get your kit off.

No Impregnation Needed

It might sound like an odd term for skiing and snowboarding fabric, but impregnating fabric is basically when you need to coat the material in protective solutions in order to maintain its qualities like waterproofness. One of the biggest bonuses is that there’s no need to impregnate Dermizax garments. The garments will retain their waterproofness even after long-term wear and tear, and after several washes in a washing machine. Try our Dermizax Ski Jacket Purple and you’ll see what we mean!

Dermizax vs. Gore-Tex

So herein lies the big question – is Dermizax better than Gore-Tex? The simple answer is yes. If you haven’t come across the Gore-Tex fabric technology before, it’s pretty much been the go-to for skiers and snowboarders since forever. Big brands like Patagonia and The North Face are big supporters of this material, as it's been viewed as the best on the market for some time – that’s until Dermizax came along.

Gore-Tex has been a game-changer for the outdoor clothing industry, and for good reason. But the introduction of Dermizax has brought with it a whole new layer (no pun intended) to quality skiing and snowboarding gear. The difference in fabrics is pretty clear, and it comes down to their ability to allow your body to breathe, stay dry and maintain its quality for the life of the garment. While Dermizax has a breathability level of between 30,000 g/m2/24h and 40,000 g/m2/24h, Gore-Tex on the other hand only has 20,000 g/m2/24h to 25,000 g/m2/24h. 

Because Gore-Tex doesn’t have the superior membrane, it means that it’s more likely to cause you to sweat, and as a result, your garments can wear more over time. When we purchase quality products, we want to know that they’re going to last so you’re not replacing them every few ski and snowboarding seasons. While Gore-Tex has been the preferred option for many years, Dermizax is undeniably the better choice if you want to invest in the highest-quality snow gear.

The Verdict: Is Dermizax Better Than Gore-Tex?

As skiers and snowboarders ourselves, we know what we need in order to get the job done on the slopes. One of the biggest obstacles to optimum performance is not having the right gear to carry you through the season, which is exactly why we’ve invested in the best fabric technology to ensure that people like us, from all levels of ability, have equal opportunity to make the most out of the winter outdoors without all the restrictions that heavy, claustrophobic clothing can bring. We know that Gore-Tex fabric technology has been working for skiers and snowboarders for some time now, but we expect nothing short of the best when it comes to what makes our products as good as they are. 

This is why we use Dermizax in all of our outdoor activity clothing so you can feel confident knowing what you’re wearing is more waterproof, windproof, lightweight, and breathable than any other gear of its kind out there. Why not try it out for yourself?

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