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2023 Best Snowboarding Goggles for Men

2023 Best Snowboarding Goggles for Men

Looking for the best ski goggles for men? Check out our top picks for high-quality ski goggles that offer excellent protection and visibility on the slopes.

Whether you’re new to the sport of snowboarding or skiing or a seasoned professional, one of the main things you’re going to come up against out on the mountain is visibility. It could be an absolute bluebird of a day, super grey and overcast or relatively clear but with some rain – whatever the weather, being able to see clearly so you can make the most of the mountain is easily one of the most important factors to consider. That’s where having the right equipment comes in, and when it comes to vision, we’re talking about the best goggles for men. 

With so many different lens colours, UV protection levels and different styles, it can be hard to choose which pair is most suited to your needs. Luckily, in this guide, we’ll give you everything you need to know about the best goggles for men to make your decision-making that much easier.

At Powster, we have the best quality ski and snowboarding goggles on the market, which is why we’re going to include all of our top products for you to browse through, like our Asteroid Bonus Zeiss Lens Snowboarding Goggles. This pair comes with two rimless SPXTRA™ lens in collaboration with ZEISS and two goggle cases, easily interchangeable via a magnetic quick-change system delivering top performance under all mountain conditions.

Key Benefits of Goggles for Men

Your eyes are easily one of the most important things to protect when you’re busy spending hours on end up the mountain skiing or snowboarding, and there’s no shortage of reasons why. From sheltering them from harsh weather conditions to preventing debris and potentially harmful materials from coming into contact with the eye and causing damage, you’d be silly not to invest in a good pair of ski goggles. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of points to explain the benefits of goggles for men so you can be fully informed next time you go to buy a pair.

Increased Visibility on the Slopes

There’s no telling what the conditions can bring when you’re up on the mountain, so making sure that you have the best possible chance of seeing what’s ahead of you when you’re skiing or snowboarding, including all those hidden bumps and obstacles, can only be guaranteed by using goggles with the best lens technology. With a whole variety of specialised tints, polarised filters and mirror coatings, our Powster goggles for men are designed to manage the amount of light hitting your eyes, enhance your depth of field and prepare you for whatever is to come your way when you’re gliding down the slopes at pace. That way, there’s no obstruction to your line of sight so you can get the shred of your life no matter what the conditions. 

Best UV Protection for Men

UV rays can cause irreversible damage not just to our skin, but just as importantly to our eyes. Long periods of exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays can be so detrimental to your ability to see clearly, and when you’re dealing with light reflection on the mountain, it can lead to a whole lot of eye strain. At Powster, our goggles for men are scientifically designed to work at high altitudes where the sun is most prominent, providing 100% protection from harmful solar UVA and UVB rays up to 380 nanometres. Take our Pulsar Bonus Lens Green Lens Ski Goggles Zeiss SPXTRA™ Lens for example, which have all the qualities you need to protect your eyes, and see at your best

Comfortable Goggles for Men

There’s nothing worse than being mid ski or snowboarding and your goggles are slipping down and falling off your face. Not only is it incredibly uncomfortable, but it can turn a really good run into quite the catastrophe. Our Powster goggles are shaped to fit all different types of faces, so you can ride the mountain without any fear of them coming loose and causing you problems. Whether you enjoy freestyle skiing, competitive racing or just want to try your hand at the sport at your own pace, having a pair of goggles that sit perfectly and stay on is crucial. Try out our Zenith Bonus Lens Best Ski Goggles Case Zeiss SPXTRA™ Pro 3L Lens for the ultimate fit.

How to Choose the Right Lens Colour for Men’s Goggles

A lot of this comes down to having the right lens colour for the conditions you’re skiing in and knowing which ones are going to help you perform at your peak. Essentially, each colour has a different purpose when it comes to controlling the amount of light, as well as how it reaches your eyes. It’s important to note that they all will be helpful in making it easier to see clearly when you’re riding – some just work better for certain conditions than others. On the bright side, many of our polarised goggles here at Powster come with interchangeable lenses, like th.

Brown and Amber Lenses

The main benefit of brown and amber-coloured lenses is that they enhance contrast and depth perception to make everything seem a little brighter and a whole lot sharper. Because of this, they’re ideal for sports like skiing, biking, and hiking.

Gray and Smoke Lenses

A great in-between tint both fashionably and in terms of their functionality, gray and smoke-coloured lenses help to provide true colour perception by reducing brightness from the sun and everything it reflects off. Ideal for bright and dim days, they’re a great choice for all general outdoor activities, like our Pulsar Leon Vockensperger Special Editions Bonus Zeiss Lens Silver Lens Ski Goggles.

Rose and Pink Lenses

Not only are they one of the prettier options in terms of coloured lenses, but rose and pink coloured lenses are actually super effective at reducing blue light rays and increasing contrast in low light conditions, as well as improving depth perception. Try them out on the mountain and see for yourself with our Twilight Extra Wide Field Best Ski Goggles!

Yellow and Orange Lenses

Much like brown and amber lenses, yellow and orange lenses work to improve contrast and depth perception, but specifically in low-light conditions like cloudy or foggy weather. A view brightener, they’re great for activities like skiing and snowboarding.

Zeiss Snow Goggles for Men

We expect nothing but the best from our men’s goggles products, and so should you. That’s why we’ve adopted some of the best lens technology and the most comfortable goggle frames on the market so you don’t have to make any compromises on the mountain. Introducing our range of Zeiss Snow Goggles for men – the only way to step up your game on the slopes. Want to know why? We’re about to fill you in on all the details.

Zeiss Sonar Technology

It may sound complex, but the idea is actually pretty simple. An innovative tint created by Zeiss Sunlens in Italy, the lens provides the clearest vision in all types of light and weather conditions, whether it’s grey and overcast or there’s not a cloud in the sky. 

The lens technology works to enhance colour and brightness, all while making it easier to see obstacles ahead when you’re riding. The special curve of the lens allows blue light in when needed, but balances that with suppressing the light so you can see what’s in front of you a whole lot easier. You can experience the difference yourself with our Supernova Balanced™ Toric Lens Best Ski Goggles.

Magneto Magnetic Lens Change System

We know how annoying it can be to transition between different types of light and weather without being able to adjust your goggles. That’s exactly why we introduced the Magento Magnetic Lens Change System. With 24 super strong magnets located around the edge of each lens, it’s easier than ever to switch lenses to suit the environment you’re in and avoid any risk of your lens falling out.

Sustainable Amalgate™ Frame

Comfort is key, especially when it comes to skiing and snowboarding. We’ve created a pair of snow goggles with a durable two-layer frame sourced from sustainable materials that are more comfortable than other alternatives and sturdier than ever. Fitted with a quadruple-layer foam with our very own POW-lymer material, impact force can be reduced by up to 40% – offering you even better protection all season long. Plus, our Spxtra Pro Lens is made up of pioneering triple-layer construction that delivers unparalleled anti-fog properties and the ultimate vision enhancement.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy’s weekend trip to the snow-capped mountains or a family trip for everyone of all skill levels to enjoy, one thing is for sure – you’re going to have a much better time if you’re able to utilise our list of best goggles for men. From enhancing your vision to protecting your eyes from any form of damage, highlighting your depth of field or simply looking stylish when you’re out there doing it, our Powster range has you sorted for your next big ski or snowboarding trip. Now that you’re geared with all the information you need to choose which pair of ski goggles is best for you, it’s time to start getting ready for a ripper of a season on the slopes.

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