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Essential Winter Accessories for Extreme Cold Weather

Essential Winter Accessories for Extreme Cold Weather

Stay warm and protected in extreme cold weather with these essential winter accessories. From waterproof jackets to heated snow goggles, we've got you covered.

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It’s no secret that with the rapid pace of climate change, we’re experiencing some real extremes when it comes to weather. Summers are hitting scorching temperatures, while winters are becoming icier than ever. Some locations across the globe that have never seen this kind of weather are experiencing it more now than ever. At Powster, we’ve committed to creating snowboarding and ski clothes and accessories that are made with sustainability and durability in mind. Not only can you wear our gear season after season, but everything we design is made to withstand the coldest of winter seasons. 

We want you to  LIVE FULL, which means being able to shred all day long, no matter how low that temperature drops. With the ski and snowboarding season in full swing, we’ve put together a handy guide for all your essential winter accessories for extreme cold weather. From winter pants and bibs to cozy mid-layers, as well as waterproof and breathable jackets, you’re going to have everything you need to keep warm and dry on the mountain. Any chance we have to get you winter-ready, we’re there.

You know we’re going to cover all the essentials. But as an innovative ski and snowboarding brand, we had to wrap it all up with something a little different. It’s the latest winter gear accessory to hit the market, and we promise – you won’t be disappointed.

Winter Pants and Bibs

Whether you’re standing in lines to get your ski pass, waiting for the chairlift, or speeding down the slopes, if you do a scan and look at the kind of outfits skiers and snowboarders are wearing – we doubt you’ll see anyone without a pair of snow pants. Yes, it’s because they simply look cool. But it’s also because spending even 20 minutes in fresh pow without them is going to leave you in a pretty damp state. We rate ski pants and snow bibs so highly because they’re incredibly functional. 

Made from the most weather-resistant of materials, our Powster pants and bibs are designed to tackle the harshest of winter conditions by keeping you warm and dry all day long. No matter how many times you face plant, catch the edge of your board, or find that pizza stance takes you to places you never wanted to go to, rest assured, your lower body will be protected from the elements through every flop. Knowing you’re going to be kept comfortable while riding is an essential part of how good you’re going to feel when you call it a day on skiing or snowboarding. 

If you’re looking to give it a 10/10, you really can’t go wrong with our ski bibs. Highly versatile, all our ski and snowboarding bibs come with a waist zipper that converts the high-rise bibs into normal snow pants. Together with all the right zippers and technology, you can ride with confidence with pals or take the plunge and send it on some deep powder missions. Here are some of our favorite Powster bibs to add to your shopping cart:


Winter Mid Layers

One of the best ways to counter extremely cold weather is by layering up. We’re not talking about putting every single item of ski clothing on that you own, it can be as simple as adding one more mid-layer to your winter fit to lock in that heat. Now as skiers and snowboarders ourselves, we know that being able to get as much movement out of your clothing is essential. Which is why investing in a lighter layer to go under your snowboarding jacket is the easiest way to avoid restriction of movement.

When hitting the slopes, you want to be able to make every twist, turn and jump possible – without having to worry about feeling held back. Wearing a jacket or vest made out of down material is unquestionably the most insulating choice for a mid-layer. However, if it becomes damp, it is not the optimal choice for preserving warmth. Your other option is synthetic material, which may not provide the same level of warmth, but it does offer resistance against the elements even when wet.

Which material you choose for your mid-layer really comes down to how waterproof and breathable your over jacket is. If in doubt, it’s always an option to have one of each so you can alternate based on the activity you’re doing and the types of terrain you’re planning on skiing or snowboarding in. Try our Powster Goose Down Coat, or if you’re looking for an even lighter version, check out the Powster Padded Vest.

Winter Jackets

More so now than ever we’re seeing riders sporting matching ski jackets and ski pants – and let’s just say, we’re here for it. So much so that we’ve come up with our latest line of snow jackets dubbed the SsS Collection. Some of our most breathable, waterproof jacket products yet, these bad boys are designed for the ultimate snow pros. Jackets like the Vanguard Ski Jacket Thermal Insulation Mountains Pink and Black are made for rugged performance and to withstand every possible weather condition. Our POW-TEX PRO technology is durable and lightweight and comes with two long backpack-compatible zippers on each side to provide full versatility for all kinds of back-country missions. Here are some of our favorites making their way onto your Instagram and TikTok feeds: 


And of course, we can’t forget about the Dermizax range. Created by Japanese company Toray, Dermizax is renowned for its superior fabric technology due to its waterproofness, breathability, strength and stretch. A durable, three-layer lightweight membrane, it’s been proven to be 100% protective against the elements, including water and wind – making it an ideal fabric to be wearing when you’re hitting the slopes. Designed for high-performance sports and because it’s so incredibly breathable, you won’t feel like you’re carrying excess weight and causing yourself to overheat – no matter how hard you’re working on the mountain. Check out some of our best selling snow jackets here:


Heated Goggles

Built to revolutionize the industry, the Powster NEO One Smart Ski Goggles combine all the necessary qualities of a solid pair of goggles with some serious extras to take your snow game to a whole new level.  In a bid to connect riders and enhance the mountain experience, they are well and truly set to take the sport by storm. Not only do they look unreal, but they also go above and beyond when it comes to all the technical bells and whistles.

Fully equipped with built-in Bluetooth headphones, a walkie-talkie system and a heated battery pack for keeping your lenses totally fog-free, this kind of innovation is unlike anything that’s ever hit the slopes before. Not to mention, the lenses are second to none. The Powster SPXTRA Pro™ lenses leverage state-of-the-art technologies that work to enhance vision, provide a precise perception of the terrain ahead, and improve clarity – particularly during those tough-to-see in white-out conditions.

Powster’s NEO One Kickstarter campaign has taken off, with opportunities for backers to get exclusive, budget-friendly deals on some of the first products to be released. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on what is set to be the most popular pal to take up the mountain with you. Once you’ve got your hands on a pair, you won’t ever want to take them off.

That’s a wrap!

So, there you have  – everything you need to know about the essential winter accessories for extreme cold weather we have here on offer at Powster. As skiers and snowboarders ourselves, we know how chilly it can get up there on the mountain. And the last thing we want is for your shredding to be interrupted because you can’t stay warm. We’re always looking at ways to help you LIVE FULL and ride hard, so watch this space for more tips and tricks for this winter ski and snowboarding season.

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