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Product Spotlight: The Neo One - High-Tech Kickstarter Goggles

Product Spotlight: The Neo One - High-Tech Kickstarter Goggles

Powster’s NEO One Kickstarter campaign has taken off, with opportunities for backers to get exclusive, budget-friendly deals on some of the first products to be released. 

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In a world first, Powster has officially launched the most advanced snowboarding and skiing goggles yet – the NEO One Smart Ski Goggles. From idea to inception, these technologically superior goggles have been designed for the boldest of riders. And when it comes to their features, the NEO Ones have left no stone unturned.

Built to revolutionize the industry, the Powster Smart Ski Goggles combine all the necessary qualities of a solid pair of goggles with some serious extras to take your snow game to a whole new level.

In a bid to connect riders and enhance the mountain experience, they are well and truly set to take the sport by storm. Not only do they look unreal, but they also go above and beyond when it comes to all the technical bells and whistles.

Fully equipped with built-in Bluetooth headphones, a walkie-talkie system and a heated battery pack for keeping your lenses totally fog-free, this kind of innovation is unlike anything that’s ever hit the slopes before

Not to mention, the lenses are second to none. The Powster SPXTRA Pro™ lenses leverage state-of-the-art technologies that work to enhance vision, provide a precise perception of the terrain ahead, and improve clarity – particularly during those tough-to-see in white-out conditions.

With a fully tested and developed prototype that is ready to go into the production stage, Powster has taken its extensive experience in developing equally innovative skiing, snowboarding and outdoor products to back this project. Known for their reliability of manufacturing and fulfilment partners, this really is the beginning of something great. 

Powster’s NEO One Kickstarter campaign has taken off, with opportunities for backers to get exclusive, budget-friendly deals on some of the first products to be released. 

Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on what is set to be the most popular pal to take up the mountain with you. Once you’ve got your hands on a pair, you won’t ever want to take them off.

Bluetooth Integrated Sound System

Bid farewell to lost earbuds, cumbersome headsets, and silent rides. It’s as simple as syncing your NEO Ones to your mobile device via the Bluetooth system, just like you would sync it to any other speaker. Our built-in headphones offer unparalleled sound quality that can last up to 6 hours, keeping you entertained and riding to the soundtrack of the slopes all day long – and all from the comfort of your NEO Ones. 

Adapting to changing conditions? It’s as easy as detaching the Bluetooth module from your lens frame and putting it away till you next need it. When it comes time to head down the mountain and call it a day, it takes just 3 hours to recharge for when you next take to the snow.

Walkie-Talkie Intercom

Powster Smart Goggles are designed to work in tandem with a walkie-talkie device, which serves as both a signal transmitter and receiver. The goggles have the capability to receive and transmit audio, allowing you to communicate with your pals from up to 5km away. Simultaneously, your pals will need to carry the other walkie-talkie device to communicate with the user wearing the goggles. 

This system enables you to stay connected, share information, and coordinate actions, all from one system. The same goes with the walkie-talkie system as the Bluetooth, you’ll get 6 hours of uninterrupted communication, and when it comes time to charge, it’ll take just 3 hours to get back up and running again. Plus, you can also detach the module when it’s not in use.

Heated Anti-Fog Lens Pack

There is truly nothing worse than being on an absolute roll on the mountain and getting held back by the inconvenience of your lenses fogging up. Powster knows this as much as you do, which is exactly why the team have stepped it up a notch and introduced a detachable, heated battery pack that connects to your goggles and heats the lenses to provide a strong anti-fog solution. 

This way, you can navigate extreme weather conditions with confidence knowing that your vision will be ultra clear and free of visual obstruction – no matter how daring the alpine adventure. You’ll get 7 hours of heating goodness, and when the day comes to a close, it’s as simple as putting them on charge for 5 hours, ready for the next morning. 

The Powster SPXTRA Pro™ Lenses

Unlike other goggle lenses, Powster’s SPXTRA Pro™ technology incorporates not one, but three lens layers to enhance your visual clarity, depth of field, and mitigate the risk of frosting or fogging on the rear lens. When combined with the heated battery pack, you’re guaranteed to have the best possible vision when riding the slopes, no matter how challenging the weather conditions or terrain. 

The makeup of the lens also ensures that you can see obstacles in your path clearer than ever, with heightened viewing and spatial judgment capability that is incomparable to other products. And of course, we can’t forget about UV protection. The NEO One lenses offer UV 400 coverage to shelter your eyes from the strongest of UV rays, preventing potential long-term, and in some cases, irreversible damage. 

The Powster Story

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, at Powster, we love skiing, snowboarding and the outdoors just as much as you do. In fact, probably even more. But that’s a debate for another day. With a hefty amount of years of experience on the mountain, our team lives and breathes adrenaline junkie sports. So much so, that one day, we knocked our heads together and formed Powster. 

Tired of mediocre gear that limited our ability to shred harder than ever, we decided to take matters into our own hands. And because everything starts with an idea, that’s what we came up with. It was simple. We had a dream, an unwavering goal to create superior, technologically advanced and safety-driven outdoor gear that doesn't compromise on aesthetics – or price. 

We took our own knowledge and combined it with that of our friends on and off the slopes to figure out what riders really wanted to see in the market, to decipher what had been missing. After rigorous brainstorming, planning, designing and everything in between, we developed a range of outdoor gear that embodies our brand, our community, and all the things that make us athletes tick. 

We built a brand that puts affordable performance at the forefront so you can soak up every single moment and LIVE FULL. Head to the Kickstarter Campaign and join Powster for the ride. 

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