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SPXTRA™ Lens: The Future of Goggle Lenses

SPXTRA™ Lens: The Future of Goggle Lenses

Discover the cutting-edge SPXTRA™ Lens, revolutionizing goggle lenses with its advanced technology and superior performance for skiing and snowboarding.

As a trusted ski and snowboarding brand, our team here at Powster always keeps its finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest technology and trends in winter clothing and accessories. You think you watch a lot of TikTok and Instagram content related to life on the mountain? You should see our screen time analytics. And while we do love watching what the world’s skiers and snowboarders are doing for their winter season on the slopes, we also use it as research. Because what kind of ski and snowboarding brand creates products without knowing what their customers are actually looking for? Not us, that’s for sure.

Being avid pow enthusiasts ourselves, we’ve taken our knowledge and experience of the snowy season and paired it with that of those around us – people just like you. Whether you’re a pro athlete or a ski or snowboarding amateur, our mission is to create mountain-friendly products that meet the needs of every snow bunny out there. Which is exactly why we created the SPXTRA™ Lens: The Future of Goggle Lenses. A superior, technologically advanced ski and snowboarding lens for every rider.

In this article, we’ll take you through all the ins and outs of what makes our SPXTRA™ Lens so damn great, from their ability to enhance your vision to the anti-fog properties and sustainable manufacturing of the frames that house them – you’ll hear it all.

Plus, we’ll throw in some links to our favorite Powster SPXTRA™ Lens goggles to make adding a pair to your cart for the season easier than ever. Take our Zenith Pro SPXTRA™ Lens Ski Goggles for one, which come with two rimless SPXTRA™ Pro 3L lenses, two goggle cases, and are easily interchangeable via a magnetic quick-change system delivering top performance under all mountain conditions.

Vision Enhancing Lens Technology

One of the most crucial features of a good goggle lens is pretty plain and simple – it needs to allow you to see where you’re going. The tricky part with vision on the slopes is that it can vary significantly depending on the conditions you’re skiing or snowboarding in. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of the SPXTRA™ lenses in terms of their ability to unlock visual clarity like you’ve never seen before.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT)

When buying snowboarding goggles, it’s key to look out for the VLT rating of the product to determine whether or not it’s going to be the right match for the activity you're doing, and the type of conditions you’ll be in. Basically, the higher the VLT percentage the more light is going to be let through your lenses and into your eyes. Our SPXTRA™ lenses come in a whole range of colors and different VLT ratings to suit whatever environment you’re going into. 

Plus, with the Magneto interchangeable lens system, you can swap them out for a more suitable lens when the weather changes – but hold fire, there’s more on the interchangeable lenses to come.

Increased Depth of Field

Make colors and snow details richer than ever. Designed with the best of specialized tints, polarised filters, and mirror coatings, SPXTRA™ lenses are made with the most advanced technology in the industry to allow you to have crystal clear vision in bright, overcast, and bluebird conditions. The slopes can be unpredictable, and when you’re traveling at a significant speed, you need goggles that can enhance your vision and give you the best chance possible to see ahead of you – no matter how challenging the terrain. 

Serious UV Protection

We often take for granted how precious our eye health is, especially when it comes to harmful UV rays. Protecting your eyes from the sun while skiing and snowboarding is one of the number one priorities when purchasing snow gear. So finding a pair of goggles that are specifically designed to do that is a must. SPXTRA™ goggles are scientifically designed to work at high altitudes where the sun is most prominent and provide 100% protection from potentially damaging solar UVA and UVB rays up to 380 nanometres. Like our Pulsar ZEISS SPXTRA™ Bonus Lens Ski Goggles for example, which have next-level UV ray protection capabilities.

Three-Layer Anti-fog Lens

Dealing with goggle lenses that constantly fog up is a problem we hear far too often. Not only is it incredibly annoying when you’re shredding a line and you all of a sudden can’t see, but it can also be super dangerous. Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence for riders when it comes to using badly designed goggles with lenses that aren’t equipped to deal with varying temperatures, or changing weather conditions. 

The SPXTRA™ three-layer anti-fog lens technology helps provide a solution to this common problem. The first of its kind and unlike other goggle brands that only have two layers, the SPXTRA™ lenses include an anti-fog lens on the inside, followed by a bracket, another middle anti-fog coating layer, and an outside lens. Check out the Pulsar Pro SPXTRA™ Bonus Lens Ski Goggles.

Sustainable Ski and Snowboarding Goggles

Comfort is key, especially when it comes to skiing and snowboarding. But sustainability is equally important, especially to us here at Powster. So, we’ve created the Sustainable Amalgate™ Frame to pair with the SPXTRA™ lens goggles so you have the best of both worlds. A durable two-layer frame sourced from sustainable materials and with the conscious consumer in mind, they’re more comfortable than other alternatives and sturdier than ever. Fitted with a quadruple-layer foam with our very own POW-lymer material, impact force can be reduced by up to 40% – offering you even better protection all season long. 

Interchangeable Goggle Lens

It wouldn’t be unusual if we piqued your interest earlier when we mentioned the term interchangeable lenses – here’s where we tell you all about it. Let’s face it, having a spare lens or two to help you adapt to an unpredictable forecast is a huge bonus. Our Magento Magnetic Lens Change System is pretty revolutionary if we do say so ourselves, making switching between lenses easier than ever. So easy in fact, that you could probably manage it mid-shred. Our SPXTRA™ lens goggles feature this exact system with 24 super strong magnets built into the edge of each lens for a secure lens fit that locks in as quickly and smoothly as it pops back off. While all of our SPXTRA™ goggles come with an extra lens for you to swap between, you can also purchase individual lenses to suit your individual style and needs. 

Try the SPXTRA™ Lens Today

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know all there is to know about the Powster SPXTRA™ lens goggles, the only person that’s holding you back is you! But just in case you need a reminder of why these goggle lenses are such a hit with pow fanatics, there are so many benefits to using a pair like these – one that ticks all of the boxes. From enhancing your vision on the slopes to getting rid of those nasty fog-ups, offering serious protection from harmful UV rays, and keeping the environment at front of mind, getting your hands on a pair of SPXTRA™ lenses should no doubt be at the top of your list this ski and snowboarding season. Still unsure? The only way to find out is to try them out for yourself! Go on, why not?

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