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Top 5 Ski and Snowboard Accessories for Safety and Convenience

Top 5 Ski and Snowboard Accessories for Safety and Convenience

From helmets and goggles to jackets and bibs, discover our top 5 ski and snowboard accessories to make your winter sports experience the best yet.
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The winter ski and snowboarding season is finally here, and best believe, we are itching just as much as you are to get on the slopes and shred some serious pow! No doubt you’ve been following some of the best ski and snowboarding content on social media apps like TikTok and Instagram lately, which means you’ve probably seen all the dope winter outfits and accessories on display. 

And while you may think you’ve got your skiing and snowboarding wish list sorted this winter, the team at Powster reckon we can help you make it the best one you’ve written yet. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 ski and snowboard accessories for safety and convenience, so you can ride with style and functionality all season long.

A solid list with all the hottest accessories on the mountain, we’ll also throw in some of our most popular ski and snowboard accessories here at Powster, like the Pulsar Pro Leon Vockensperger Special Edition Snowboarding Goggles. Designed with the help of our very own slopestyle and big air wizard Leon Vockensperger, you’re going to want to get your mitts on a pair of these.

Ski and Snowboarding Goggles

I guess you could say they’re kind of our favorite ski and snowboarding accessories of all time – and for good reason. At Powster, we really pride ourselves on our goggles. We’ve gone to every corner of the winter sports world to create the most technologically advanced, comfortable, high-performance goggles money can buy, and we reckon we’ve hit the nail on the head. 

In fact, anyone who has worn a pair of Powster goggles agrees – just ask the likes of Leon Vockensperger, Emil Zulian, and Moritz Boll, who are just some of the internationally renowned ski and snowboarding athletes that wear Powster on the slopes. They understand that having a decent pair of goggles with all the bells and whistles is exactly what you need to perform at your best. It’s also why so many of them have their very own limited-edition Powster goggles, like the Pulsar Pro Moritz Special Edition Snowboarding Goggles.

The best ski and snowboarding goggles have to tick all the boxes when it comes to how they look and their practicality. The first thing to look out for is their ability to help you see clearly. Goggle lenses with the right tint help to manage how much light enters the eyes. This is a feature that is incredibly important when it comes to skiing and snowboarding in different weather conditions, as well as protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. 

Goggles can also enhance your vision in terms of depth of field. It can be really tricky to judge obstacles and the difference in terrain when you’re riding during a whiteout or overcast day. That’s where proper lens technology comes in. Having the right goggles, like our Asteroid THISARMY Special Edition ZEISS Lens Ski Goggles, helps with judging the path in front of you so you can see better where you’re heading. 


While all of our goggles are designed for ultimate comfort and use, we have created a pair of goggles that really take things to the next level. Our latest invention, the NEO One Goggles, are built to revolutionize the industry by combining all the necessary qualities of a solid pair of goggles with some serious extras to take your snow game to a whole new level.


If you thought you were prepared for this goggle lens feature, think again. With a detachable, heated battery pack that connects to your goggles and heats the lenses to provide a strong anti-fog solution, it’s the first of its kind in the mountain wear industry. Plus, they also feature a built-in Bluetooth system, so you can listen to your feel-good tunes through your goggles all day long. How about that?

Ski and Snowboarding Helmets


We cannot stress enough the importance of wearing a helmet when you’re up on the mountain either skiing or snowboarding. Seeing someone riding the mountain without one always makes us wince, because it truly is the best way to protect your head from injuries, some of which can be life-threatening. So to make it even more appealing to invest in a good quality ski or snowboarding helmet, we designed some pretty sick options here at Powster, like the Cavalier ABS Ski Helmet

Designed for additional comfort with our Pow-lymer technology, featuring rotation force protection, and with unparalleled durability and lightweight feel, you really can’t go wrong with these bad boys. Developed by Powster, Pow-lymer is a shock absorption material that alters its molecular structure upon impact. So if you do find yourself in a sticky situation that leads to hitting your head, it works to spread the impact energy and reduce the transmitted force to the brain. As a result, it helps with reducing concussions and brain injuries at low and mid-speed.

Not to mention, on top of being super protective, they also come in a range of different colors to suit your snow steeze, and you’ll also have the choice of a helmet with or without a visor. Let’s face it, it doesn’t get much better than that. 

Ski and Snowboarding Prescription Lens Goggles

Now this is a problem many people will struggle with, which is exactly why we couldn’t help but come up with a solution – wearing goggles on the mountain when you’re visually impaired. It’s one thing not being able to see where you’re going on the slopes, but how are you supposed to ski and snowboard like a pro if you need prescription glasses? 

While our goggles are designed to help you see the terrain as clearly as possible when you’re speeding down the mountainside, they’re not going to be much use if you’re someone with short or long-sightedness. And because we never want anyone to miss out on the joy that is winter sport, we came up with a way for people who wear glasses to experience our goggles the same way as everyone else. 

Introducing the Powster prescription goggle lens insert. If you have a prescription lens, it’s as simple as putting them into the lens holder and clipping them in tightly. Then all you have to do is slide the insert into a pair of your Powster goggles and voila, you’re good to go. Developed with safety and performance in mind, the Powster goggle insert comes with a Mitsui Resin aspherical lens with superior anti-fog performance and optical clarity. The frame itself is made entirely with TR90, which is durable, flexible, and lightweight. We provide a range of lens refractive indices catering to your different requirements. Just ask!

Ski and Snowboarding Sunglasses

Imagine getting to the end of a long day skiing or snowboarding and there is nothing more that you want than a cold beverage and to take off your boots. It’s sunny, the snow is glaring, and it’s hard to see. It would be a bit odd in this case to sit with your goggles still on, but sunglasses on the other hand may be a slightly more acceptable alternative.

Our sunglasses are designed with the same technology as our goggle lenses – to protect your eyes from harmful light and allow you to see clearly in challenging conditions. We have a whole range of Powster sunglasses that are made specifically for when you’re taking time off the mountain and don’t want to be lugging around your goggles. 

Whether you're taking on a bluebird day on the mountain, hiking sun-drenched landscapes, or winding your way down a cycling route, Powster sunglasses provide next-level comfort, clarity, and depth of field for all conditions. 

Ski and Snowboarding Face Masks and Beanies

There’s no doubt about it, when you’re up on the mountain for hours on end, things can get pretty damn chilly. Too often people focus so much on their mid-body outfits and forget that we can increase our ability to keep warm by keeping our face and head cozy. A helmet is definitely going to help you keep more than just your head warm. But why not step it up a notch and add an additional layer underneath to really trap in that body heat? 

Wearing a beanie underneath your helmet is a great way to rev up the snug factor when you’re shredding in some of the harshest conditions. Or if you’re really struggling with the cold, a full face mask is definitely the way to go. Not only does it keep your head warm, but it also shields your face from oncoming snow and the inevitable face plant into pow when you’re trying out some new tricks. Trust us, you won’t regret investing in extra layers when it’s minus something degrees and you’re miles away from the mulled wine bar.

Why Invest in Ski and Snowboarding Accessories?

So there you have it, the ultimate list of our top 5 ski and snowboard accessories for safety and convenience to help you on your way to #LIVE FULL this winter season. We know how important it is to have quality skiing, and snowboarding gear to keep you warm and safe on the slopes. And, of course, to look cool while doing it. But it’s not just about the jackets, pants, and bibs. The accessories you pair with your skiing and snowboarding outfit make all the difference. From helmets to goggles, prescription lens inserts, sunglasses, face masks, and beanies, these accessories are guaranteed to enhance your experience during the skiing and snowboarding season and have you looking like you are ready to take on anything. All that’s left to do now is start adding some of these winners to your packing list. 

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