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What To Pack For a Summer Mountain Biking Trip

What To Pack For a Summer Mountain Biking Trip

Planning a summer mountain biking trip? Make sure you have everything you need with this comprehensive packing list. From essential gear to clothing and accessories, be prepared for a thrilling adventure on the trails.
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It doesn’t matter how many summer mountain biking trips you’ve taken, whether it be your first or you’re a seasoned traveller, you can never be too prepared. While some may think that because they’ve done it before they won’t forget anything important, this is not always the case. The same goes for those who are new to taking on mountain biking trips, it is quite an adjustment from a usual holiday, so knowing exactly what to pack is a must! Another thing to remember is that while you may be mountain biking during the summer months, there’s no guarantee what the weather will do, so expect the worst. 

In this guide, we’ll set out everything you need to put together in order to make the most of your summer mountain biking trip and avoid any mishaps due to missing items along the way!

Mountain Biking Clothing

If you’re planning on spending a few days or even up to a week mountain biking in the summer, you’re definitely going to need more than one set of clothing to get you through. And while it’s important that you travel light in order to reduce the amount of weight you take with you along your journeys, having all the right clothing items to prepare you for any and all weather is a must. Keep things simple but thorough – we recommend packing 2-3 sets of bike shorts, 3 bike t-shirts and long-sleeved jerseys and 1 pair of bike underpants to keep you comfortable throughout the trip.

In addition to this, putting items like a light wind and waterproof jacket is essential in case you come across wet and cold weather, as well as a few upper body base layers and a good pair or two of gloves. If you are planning on having a night in a town or village along the way, it’s worth packing a few items that you can wear out so you don’t have to walk around in your sweaty cycling gear! Just remember to keep it simple, the less you have to carry the better. 

Mountain Biking Equipment & Protective Gear

Having a mindset that anything could happen while mountain biking is one of the safest ways to avoid running into problems, whether it be an accident or discovering a fault on your bike. The beauty of mountain biking through regions where there is a strong cycling culture means there are almost always going to be several cycling retailers that can help you out if you do run into trouble. But if on the off chance you do find yourself in a sticky situation and you’re too far away from help, a good idea is to split some key tools up among group members including a pump for tires, a multi-tool that does a little bit of everything, and tubes for the whole group just in case. 

Protective gear should really be a non-negotiable. Wearing a helmet is the best way to prevent causing serious harm to yourself if you were to fall, a hat to protect you from the harsh sun during break times, and a headlamp for when nighttime rolls around and you’re nowhere near any street lights.

Personal Items for Mountain Biking

While these items tend to be quite small, they can take up a lot of space if you’re trying to take everything you think you might need with you. Again, sticking to the basics is what’s going to be best so you don’t end up hauling around a whole raft of things on your trip. First and foremost, a first-aid kit can’t go amiss – you never know when it’ll come in handy. Other personal items you can consider packing include your mobile phone, money cards, emergency information, and even a GPS device to keep you on the right track. If you’re staying several nights along the way, packing a towel, a dry bag, your toiletries and things like insect repellent and sunblock will definitely set you up for success.

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Mountain Biking Extras

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, you can never be too prepared. But if you are planning on camping or spending long periods away from access to food and water, you’ll need a few extra items to keep you comfortable. A light tent as well as a sleeping bag or sleeping mat are definite checklist items if you’re camping. And if you’re wanting a hot meal after a hard day’s cycling, taking a simple lightweight cooking appliance like a portable stove and a few kitchen utensils will really work in your favour. 

As for sustenance, dry foods that can be cooked simply using hot water are a great source of energy and easy to carry. Energy bars for along the way are also helpful for a boost, and keeping your hydration levels up is crucial – try splitting your water between your drink bottle and a hydration bag.

Making the decision to go on a summer mountain biking trip is one we know you will not regret one bit. From being able to take in the scenery of some of the world’s most beautiful places by bike to pushing yourself and testing your limits both physically and mentally, it truly is an experience like no other. But like any trip, preparation is one of the most important factors. Packing the right clothing, equipment, personal items and any necessary extras all comes down to allowing yourself the time to get it all together. Once you’re set to go, it’s time to get pedalling!

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