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Powster Snowboarding Goggles Unboxings Vol 1!

Powster Snowboarding Goggles Unboxings Vol 1!

There’s nothing quite like opening a new package, especially when there is an air of mystery (and quality) to it! We sent off our few of our Powster products to some of the internets best vloggers to catch their reactions and thoughts on our gear!

First up we had TikTok king halfcabking sharing this great video with his 1m+ followers, fair to say he was pretty stoked!

Insert link to turn into video preview -


Not to be outdone professional skater robworling14 (again on TikTok) dropped a first class video on his unboxing for us all to watch and enjoy:

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Make sure your following both these incredible creators on their own channels, and if you’ve got a big enough audience and a cool enough vibe, get in touch via the usual Powster social media channels if you’d like to take part in an unboxing video!

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