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5 of the Best - Places to Ski in the Southern Hemisphere

5 of the Best - Places to Ski in the Southern Hemisphere

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5 of the Best - Places to Ski in the Southern Hemisphere


The land down under might not be the first place you think of when it comes to skiing but we’re here to inform you that Australia happens to have some of our favourite slopes in the Southern Hemisphere, with everything you could possibly want found at a variety of different places. Our pick of the bunch would be the Perisher resort (if the name doesn’t put you off!)

You’re looking at the largest resort in Australasia, with more than 1,200 hectares (2,965 acres) of white snow for you to sail over! 4 resort areas and 47 lifts service the main skiing period of July and August, with the official season running from the second weekend in June to the first weekend of October.


We sweep around the globe to South America for our next entry, where you can find the Valle Nevado located 46 kilometers east of Santiago, Chile. It has excellent quality of snow because of its height and orientation and a privileged climate, with 80% of clear days in the season.

Of course it’s set against one of the most naturally stunning backdrops of the world with the Andes Mountain range always on the horizon when visiting these slopes. This ski resort offers the biggest skiable surface of South America, three hotels, eight restaurants, apartments and all amenities for the passengers, making of Valle Nevado not only a winter resort, but a relaxing place for all the family!



Staying close to the Andes, we now head over a few hundred miles to Argentina, specifically Cerro Catedral, Bariloche. Now this is much more an inexperienced or family focused resort, but still has some stunning vistas and slopes. Weather always seems to be an issue when skiing in Argentina, but the natural setup of this resort gives a protection from the elements and in turn has created a peaceful and stress free environment!

Definitely a great option in terms of costs and nightlife, and English is spoken as the norm here as an added bonus!

New Zealand

With easily the best name on the list, the The Remarkables range, located on South Island, New Zealand, rises above Lake Wakatipu, 40 minutes’ drive from Queenstown, on the South Island of New Zealand. It’s no secret just how stunning the views of New Zealand can be, but nothing really prepares you for the first time! The ski views are no different, with some of the clearest (and cleanest) slopes in the world found here.

A true alpine mountain experience with terrain and facilities to suit everyone from first timers to seasoned, expert skiers and snowboarders! We offer ski and snowboard lessons, equipment rental, scenic chairlift rides, snow sledding and a massive range of food and beverage options. Our winter season runs from June - October. Just 26km from central Queenstown it’s a scenic drive to Queenstown’s big mountain.

South Africa

Short season? Yes. Stunning skiing that makes up for it? Yes.

Tiffindell, Southern Drakensberg in South Africa is actually a resort that changes into a bit of an adventure playground in the summer season when the snow disappears, but it’s just as good during snow season! Africa's only Southern Hemisphere ski resort, Tiffindell in the Ben Mac Ski area, was established in 1993 to give South Africans the opportunity to ski in their own country.

Although the skiing is not comparable to that of the larger European or North American resorts, the atmosphere is with a fun and relaxed vibe more than making up for a lack of slope space (who needs miles of terrain anyway?)


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