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1977 Burton Experimental Prototype Snowboard Sells for $31,313.13

1977 Burton Experimental Prototype Snowboard Sells for $31,313.13

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Your eyes do not deceive you, the world record paid for a snowboard has been broken and the seller didn’t even provide free shipping! Less than 100 boards were made by Jake Burton before founding Backhill Londonderry, making this snowboard one of the rarest in the world.

The original listing came from eBay which you can read below:

Vintage Burton Prototype Snowboard

  1. 1977

Wood, metal, rubber, nylon, plastic

Board: 50.5l x 8w x 5d

Aluminum fin: 8l x 1.25w x 1d

Vintage Burton Snowboard Catalog c. 1979-80.

An extremely rare Burton prototype snowboard. Less than 100 prototype boards were made before Jake Burton Carpenter founded the Backhill Londonderry line. In all our years of selling winter sporting antiquities we have only seen two others. These just do not come up for sale. 

This snowboard was given by Jake to its current owner Chris, in trade for helping work on some early snowboards. As the story goes Jake and Chris worked together at the Birkenhaus Inn in Stratton Vermont. Im told that while the owner Emo Henrich fully supported and mentored Jakes snowboard development, he didnt quite know his lodge was being used after hours as a spray room for the paint and stencils seen on the early boards.

This now vintage snowboard was payment from Jake to Chris in trade for his work. It was ridden only a couple times with the majority of its original paint seen on the base of the board. It has been lovingly stored ever since and is looking for a new home.

Feels like a bargain if you ask us!

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