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How to change your goggle lens

How to change your goggle lens

We have put together a super easy guide to how to change your goggle lens, a quick-fire guide to demonstrate how blooming efficient it is to swap goggles over to ensure you have perfect, undisturbed visibility no matter how quickly the weather changes. 

Whenever you leave the house, you have to say to yourself, “wallet, phone, keys” but when you leave the house for a day on the slopes, don't forget the big 3 “goggles, beanie, gloves”. 

Goggles form part of the absolutely non-negotiable basics that build a ski or snowboard outfit that will keep you happy and riding on all day long. 

Ski goggles or snowboard goggles, which are totally to be interchangeable, come in all shapes and sizes, you can get silver lens ski goggles, mirrored lens goggles, low light goggles, over-the-glasses goggles, otherwise known as OTG goggles or even super cool technology like magnetic lens goggles. 

How to change your goggle lens

In comes Powster- we specialise in highly technical and durable goggles that have the latest innovations in technology which allow you to swap your lenses so quickly, you can even do it while you're riding. It literally couldn't be easier, plus, you will look so darn pro, you will make all your riding buddies jealous. 

So, we have put together a super easy guide to how to change your goggle lens, a quick-fire guide to demonstrate how blooming efficient it is to swap goggles over to ensure you have perfect, undisturbed visibility no matter how quickly the weather changes. 

Here at Powster, we love two things; 1, Using technology and innovation to design the coolest, most durable and cost-effective goggles on the market and 2, styles that people will love for years to come. So we have infinite colour ways and different styles such as the Powster Asteroid goggles, Pulsar goggles and Zenith goggles all have the stunning Zeiss technology, the Zenith goggles, Supernova goggles and finally the Twilight goggles. 

What is ZEISS?

ZEISS was founded in 1846, and since transformed into a large, research-oriented enterprise that distributes a host of incredible optical products across the world, they are pioneers of scientific optics which can be found in camera lenses, medical equipment and of course, eyewear that performs at the top of the class.

Here at Powster, we decided to ingratiate ZEISS technology into our eyewear to offer a premium visual experience when riding, specially developed for alpine winter sports. Goggles that include ZEISS effectively protect your eyes from the snow, rain and wind as well as the acute UV-A and UV-B radiation in the mountains. The patented design maximises wearability, comfort, durability and increases the visual field which means you see more clearly, with heightened protection. Basically, Imagine everything in 4K resolution, gain superior optical clarity and low-light visibility with ZEISS; it's just a better, more superior riding experience. You can see why we added this technology into our Asteroid and Pulsar models.

How to change your goggle lens

Now, this isn't to say our other models don't have excellent features, but we offer a spectrum of options to suit every rider's ability, style and budget. Goggles and eyewear built to last. 

Now, the fun bit is that no matter which design or colour way you go for, all our goggles are integrated with the “magnetic quick lens change system” or more specifically, “Maglock technology” which literally could not be easier to use. 

What is the Maglock quick change system?

It's simple but high-impact technology. Our snow goggles for men and our snow goggles for women (our eyewear is unisex) contain 20 super-strong magnets. Swapping lenses on the mountain has never been easier as the Maglock magnets never fade over time, they are precise and strong, which means the lenses click into place in the frames without complication and align perfectly for comfort and ease. We truly mean you can swap lenses even when you ride, the magnets are that good! 

When should you change your snow goggle lenses?

The short answer is, whenever the weather changes and you notice you may have the wrong lenses in for the new weather. Essentially is it's super sunny and you have your all-weather or good-weather lenses in and suddenly the clouds descend or perhaps there is fog or the light reduces, you might notice you aren't picking up on much detail or definition and therefore your riding experience is compromised, then it’s the moment to pop your low light lenses in. 

Alternatively, perhaps you are wearing your low light lenses and suddenly the clouds part and the sun starts to shine, you might notice that things seem too bright and you can’t pick up on shadow and your eyes feel strained, this is the moment to swap to a high vis-lens. 

You can use your intuition, trust your gut to guide you, simply ask yourself, can I pick up on as much detail as possible with this lens in this weather and do I feel I have maximum visibility? 

Now, let's get onto the process of swapping the lenses, here are the steps we recommend:

Step 1- Prepare

We have said, you can easily change your lenses while you ride if you're in a pinch and the weather moves and changes. However, we recommend for safety, where possible, pull up on the side of the slope or wait until you’re on a lift or stopped for a drink or snack. 

Keep the spare lens in the inside pocket of your jacket or perhaps in your backpack where you can easily access the lens.

Step 2- Change

Firstly, pop out the lenses you want to change. The easiest way is you have the goggles in your hands, the lens facing you. Grab the goggles on both sides and gently twist them. You will then see the goggle “pop” out of alignment. Then simply remove that lens. With the new lens, hover the lens over the goggle, a few millimetres away over the frame, you will then feel the magnet pull and you can simply drop the new lens into place.

Step 3- Enjoy 

That's it, you are ready to go. We told you it was a quick change lens system!


That's it for our quick-fire guide to how to change your goggle lens. You are now ready to ride with total visibility, comfort and style. 

How to change your goggle lens


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