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The Ultimate Guide to Summer Skiing

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Skiing

Who says skiing is just for winter? Discover the thrill of summer skiing with this ultimate guide complete with destination recommendations, tips and tricks.

If you consider yourself to be a bit of a snow bunny, the concept of the off-season can tend to stir up some pretty severe emotions. Whether you’re into skiing or snowboarding, spending those winter months up the top of a mountain in negative temperatures, surrounded by pow and shredding like there’s no tomorrow can feel like the closest thing to heaven for real vets.

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Skiing

So when the weather starts heating up, we often find ourselves counting down the days till that next fresh dump of snow hits those peaks. On the upside, there’s a whole host of unreal spots you can visit for summer skiing, and we’ve searched the globe to come up with a list of the absolute best.

No matter the season, skiing and snowboarding is always on the menu. Grab your snowboard goggles  or snowboard sunglasses and your swimsuit and let's head to the mountains! 

Summer Skiing Options in Canada

- May/July 

Whistler, British Columbia 


There’s no doubt about it, if you’re looking for the best place for summer skiing and snowboarding in Canada, Horstman Glacier on Blackcomb Mountain is where it’s at. And while we hate to be the bearers of bad news, it was recently announced that this particular site would be closed to the public for the 2023 season. But don’t panic! That doesn’t mean you can’t experience everything these slopes have to offer. Fortunately, Horstman Glacier will still be running its super popular range of Summer Glacier Camps this year so you can make the most of the warmer weather when riding some epic landscapes.


Momentum Camps

With over 30 years of experience running summer camps at Horstman Glacier, we can’t recommend Momentum Camps enough. From their Slopestyle, to Moguls, Big Mountain, and Girl’s Week programs, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. With camps ranging in duration from a few sessions to a period of weeks, you have the freedom to choose a program that best suits your skiing or snowboarding ability and challenges you just the right amount. Plus, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to what you want to be included in your camp package. Luxury accommodation, meals, and superior coaching are all part of it. Want to get more out of your mountain experience? They’ve also got a range of adrenaline-junky afternoon activities to get stuck into in your downtime.

Planet Ski International Camps

Another world-renowned company, Planet Ski International hosts one of the coolest summer skiing camps money can buy at Blackcomb Mountain. With programs run by some of the best athletes in the business, it’s a no-brainer if you’re a seasoned skier or snowboarder wanting to test your skills out at an epic location, or learn something new from some seriously talented coaches. The camp runs over 13 days with 9 days of training in total and is constantly in high demand. Open for all ages and experiences, the crew breaks the training teams up into groups based on ability, and the snow has been dumping all winter in preparation for keen applicants for the summer season. Choose from the moguls, youth, or adult sessions depending on what level you’re at.

Whistler Mountain Ski Club Camps

This is where champions are born – they said it themselves and we couldn’t agree more. With over five decades of working with skiers and snowboarders across the globe, it just makes sense to choose Whistler Mountain Ski Club to host your summer camp this season. Take your pick from two camps that kick off with multiple dates in May, where lane space is available on Ross’ Gold and Lower Cruiser, as well as Slalom and GS depending on lane space. Days other than what they have available can be arranged, but it’s important to note there will be an additional cost. If you’re planning on taking part in the Whistler T-bars June camp, the dates have even been pushed back to accommodate for kids who want to ski after the school break.

Pratte International Summer Camp

 Last but most definitely not least, we have the Pratte International Summer Camp – and let’s just say it’s one for the books. With some of the best training programs available, camps range from 6-18 days for Olympians, athletes, and everything in between. Accommodation is all-inclusive and located at the picturesque Aspens on Blackcomb, so you’ll be right in the middle of the action for the duration of your stay. Coaches will push you to your limits (as far as you’re willing to go) and provide a positive environment for people from all walks of life, no matter what your age or level of experience. With several camps running throughout June and into early July, there’s no shortage of choice.

Summer Ski in Switzerland 

- September/October 

Mittelallalin, Saas-Fee

Mittelallalin, Saas-Fee

Imagine taking an underground funicular around one of the world’s most popular summer skiing destinations – priceless. Luckily, you don’t have to imagine it, because that’s exactly what you’ll get when you travel to the Mittelallalin in Saas-Fee. A village comprising 4 luxury ski resorts, there’s an endless amount to see and experience in a place as diverse as this. At 3,500 metres above sea level, the Mittelallalin is a spectacle to say the least. And if you’re a keen skier, snowboarder, or outdoors person, the list of things to do is endless. 


Mittelallalin, Saas-Fee

Not the biggest fan of the cold but love to rip it up on the mountain? Summer skiing in Saas-Fee is second to none. Make your way around the towering landscape by cable car and visit the world’s highest revolving restaurant where you can see views of the Alps that’ll absolutely blow your mind. Whether you’re a fast learner or a seasoned snow sport athlete, there are slopes to suit all riders from sunrise up until midday – before the snow starts to get a little too slushy from the warmer temperatures. On and off the slopes, there are so many ways to get active and involved. Don’t forget to check out the incredible ice grotto at the entrance!

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Zermatt


Fancy a trip to one of the tallest mountains in Europe? While it might sound like something short of impossible, it’s everything but. If you’re heading to Switzerland to hit the slopes, you can look no further than Matterhorn Glacier Paradise in Zermatt. With a cable car that takes you to the slopes, you’ll get to enjoy 360-degree views of one of the most beautiful scenes you could imagine at 3,883 metres high – the Swiss Alps. Travelling up a mountain via cable car is definitely something you’re going to want to tick off the bucket list. 


Not only is it one of the highest summer ski resorts on the continent, but it’s also one of the biggest. With wintry conditions all year round, you’ll have every opportunity to explore over 20 slopes for skiers, freestylers, and snowboarders alike. With slopestyle, a mini shred, and a rail garden, there’s a space for people of all ages and abilities to get amongst, you’ll just have to make the most of the morning when the snow is at its best!

Norway for Summer Skiing

- Late May/Early August 

Stryn Summer Ski


If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to show off your most impressive ski or snowboarding skills in shorts and a t-shirt, we’ve got the ideal summer ski getaway to throw yourself into. Stryn Summer Ski is surrounded by a fair bit of hype – and for good reason. Not only do you get the unique experience of riding when the sun is beaming down on you, but the slopes are generally open from 10 am-4 pm, a lot later than most summer ski resorts. Think dreamy glaciers, deep valleys, fjords, and a whole host of other activities on and off the mountain. Hundreds of tourists make their way to the site, which is part of the huge glacier Jostedalsbreen and boasts hiking trails that even the most travelled outdoor enthusiasts would find difficult to compare to.

Summer Ski Destinations in France

- June/August

Les Deux Alpes 

Les Deux Alpes

Whether you’re used to landing the kind of jumps you see at the Winter Olympics or are wanting to learn from some of the sport’s most advanced instructors, if you’re looking to summer ski in France, Les Deux Alpes is a must-visit. One of the largest glaciers to shred on, it sits at an altitude of 3,600 metres and is located on a 120-hectare glacier with red, blue and green runs, as well as chair lifts, tow lifts, gondolas, a cable car, drag lifts, and even a funicular and elevator – just to name a few amenities! Not to mention, this leading summer park also features an airbag for mastering your tricks, a superpipe, as well as a variety of rails, tables, and freestyle modules for you to test out. 


Les Deux Alpes

With guaranteed snow during the hotter months, it’s a great place for skiers and snowboarders of all levels to enjoy, from professional athletes to families and beginners. Consider a Glacier Experience Pass, which grants you access to the Jandri lifts, funicular, and all the ski lifts on the summit of the glacier. Passes are available for half-day up to 15-day options and also include access to the bike park. 

If you opt for a pass of 2-5 days, you'll also get access to the swimming pool (once per day), 3 trips on the luge, and 1 hour of tennis for 2 people (each person must have a pass). For those who want to stay longer, passes of 6 days or more include access to the swimming pool (once per day), 6 trips on the luge, 1 hour of tennis for 2 people, 1 golf putting session, 1 archery session, 1 day of mountain biking in any of the 4 Galaxie areas (Alpe d'Huez, Serre Chevalier, Montgenèvre & Puy St Vincent), and a discount on the Adventure park in Venosc. Get ready for a summer full of fun and adventure!



With 20 km of piste to ski on a glacier that has slopes at an altitude of about 3,400 metres, you really can’t go wrong when choosing Tignes for your dream French summer ski holiday. Another great location to get a fuller day of activities, the first lift up the Grande Motte Glacier is around 7 am and the final one at 1 pm, but with a final descent at around 4.30 pm so you can try out a little bit of everything. From taking on the snowpark solo to getting a lesson from a world-class instructor and finishing up with a mouth-watering meal at the panoramic mountain restaurant, take your pick!

While there’s plenty of time to make your way through the to-do list, it’s worth making the most of the snow in the morning. Early risers will be right into it. It takes just 7 minutes to travel on the Perce Neige funicular from the resort to the foot of the slopes. From there, there are about 12 ski lifts to get you where you need to go. With a particularly short season from late June to early August, it’s best to get in quickly. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out! 

While we could almost go on forever about all the hot spots to get the most out of your summer skiing, the list we have laid out really does include some of the best of the best. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting started with skiing and snowboarding, spending the summer on the slopes in some of the most beautiful places in the world really is something special. Especially if you’re not much of a fan of the sand! Pick your favourite spot to drop in from above or make it a round trip and test them all out. Whatever you decide to do, make the shred worth it.

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