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Four Powster Tips for First Time Skiers

Four Powster Tips for First Time Skiers

1、Prepare for your first ski trip with some cardio and weights:

Ensure you get into shape before you hit the slopes by hitting the gym. It will just be more enjoyable if you are well-prepared and easier on your body. The fitter you are, you will be able to learn easily and make the most of your vacation, you’ll also drastically reduce the chance of injuries!

2、Take it slow and easy: This is your first time skiing, don’t rush, and try to enjoy the experience!There is nothing wrong with taking professional lessons to make the trip more enjoyable and to increase the pace of that learning curve! NEVER hit the slopes by yourself when starting out.

3、Don’t invest in endless ski equipment: Sounds crazy but as someone new to the slopes you DON’T want to buy ski equipment. Rent as much as you can instead. Many resorts and ski area shops will have equipment for you to rent, try it out before making a purchase and while there get as much knowledge from the experts as possible. Ski rental packages include skis, boots, poles, equipment delivery and pickup to your resort.

4、Eat and drink: Remember to carry (nuts, and snacks) and eat when you are hungry or tired. Don’t forget water, and stay hydrated.

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