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Powster Ambasador Certified - Mortiz Boll

Powster Ambasador Certified - Mortiz Boll

Powster Ambasador Certified - Mortiz Boll

We’re lucky enough to have some of the best ambassadors in the skiing and snowboarding world here at Powster, so it would be crime not to pick their brains on all things powder snow! First up with have Mortiz Boll, our Pro Snowboarder from Laax, Switzerland who you can find at or follow on Instagram by searching for @moritzboll.

It was quite the year last season for Mortiz, placing 7th place overall Big Air ranking worldwide 2021, 7th place at the Laax Open 2021 and 2nd place European cup overall Ranking 2021! Let hear what he has to say!

1 - What got you into nowboarding Mortiz? How old were you?

I started skiing when I was around 5, because we went on vacation in Switzerland and my parents wanted me to try it. When I was around 10 I thought that skiing was boring and I tried out snowboarding which turned out to be my biggest passion!

2 - Where is your favourite place to visit when on the slopes?

My favorite place to snowboard is 100% Snowpark Laax! The diversity of the whole park, the effort they give to have the best park out there and the whole environment that this place has to offer is the reason why I love it so much over there.

3 - Other than your Powster gear, what’s your must have items when packing for a new season?

I always need my Massage gun with me to get ready for the next couple days when I’m sore after a long day of snowboarding. Besides that I usually bring my Golfbag to trainings so that I have an off snow activity when I’m bored. And I always take a speaker with me because I love having music around me no matter what I’m doing.

4 - Favourite memory when on the slopes?

My first “The Nines” session for sure has a special place in my heart because it has always been a childhood dream of mine and I managed to achieve it in 2021 when I was a part of the event.

5 - Where are you heading for the new season when it starts?

Either Saas Fee or New Zealand which isn’t 100% sure yet, but it will be one of them for sure!

6 -Advice for anybody just starting out?

Don’t stress when you’re not making the progress you want in the beginning, everybody started somewhere and had the same struggles! You do the sport because I like it, so have fun while doing it, there`s no rules;)

7 - Which trick or run are you most proud of?

Probably the triple crippler, or triple cork off the side hit, because I was the first one to ever do it and it was a big challenge for me.

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