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Why Protecting Your Eyes is So Important When on the Slopes

Why Protecting Your Eyes is So Important When on the Slopes

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Why Protecting Your Eyes is So Important When on the Slopes

One of the reasons Powster created our range of bestselling goggles was to protect an often overlooked aspect of skiwear, the eyes!

It would be wrong to suddenly start ranking body parts, but if it was a popular vote your eyesight would be pretty high on any organ and limb protection list. But what can catch you out when on the slopes? Powster are here to breakdown the main threat to your vision for this weeks Powster blog!

Watching Out For UV Rays

UV radiation is part of the natural energy produced by the sun. On the electromagnetic spectrum, UV light has shorter wavelengths than visible light, so your eyes can’t see UV, but your skin can feel it. Corneal damage, cataracts and macular degeneration are all possible chronic effects from UV exposure and can ultimately lead to decreased vision. The eyelid skin is also the thinnest of the whole body which means UV damage including dryness, wrinkles, accentuated skin furrows, sagging, loss of elasticity and mottled pigmentation can all occur around this sensitive area!

The added level of snow as we all know creates a natural reflection, accelerating the UV damage that can happen here when on the slopes. In fact At higher altitudes, the sun reflects even more brightly upon the snow, and UV rays are stronger since there is less atmosphere to filter them out.

Bright Light = Bad Times

Whether you’re on your board or skis, that blast of light obscuring your vision isn’t just a UV danger, our sight and vision is one of the primary (if not the primary) sense when high up in the mountains, and a loss of vision due to the glare of the sun can be the difference between a perfectly executed move and you lying in a heap in the snow.

Bad Weather = Even Worse Times

The sun might cause the occasional issue, but conditions mountainside can make visibility difficult or impossible at times, and that’s even with a Powster approved set of goggles on! Managing precipitation in the air gets into skiers' or boarders' eyes while they're going down the mountain is going to become part of life during ski season, and clear visibility is a must on the slopes.

So how do you protect yourself to the nth degree when ski-side? Well for once that’s an easy question to answer! At Powster we’ve spent decades researching, creating and testing the very best range of sunglasses and goggles built for the slopes, all featuring a range of features built around protecting our customers from obscured vision while providing paramount comfort and quality.

Just take a look at some of the features found in our SPXTRA lensed goggles:


The SPXTRA lens develop with ZEISS provides enhanced vision, allow for better read of the terrain especially during white-out days

Twin Lens Package

Comes with two SPXTRA lenses, one for sunny days and another for cloudy / foggy conditions. Only the sunny lens comes with premium mirror coating

Double layer lens

Each SPXTRA lens use state-of-the-art double layer lens technology to minimize risk of fogging or frosting on the back of lens


Magnetic lens change system. Using some of the strongest magnets in the market for quick lens change and increased safety

Extra Wide Field of View

Ensure wide peripheral vision to avoid dangers

Triple Layer Foam

Deliver a seamless fog-free fit

Ri-Pel anti-dirt and -water treatment

Protects from dirt, water, sweat, salt, oil and dust, and also makes the lenses easier to clean

Complete UV Protection (UV 400)

The goggles give complete protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Want to see more? Head on over to!


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