Best ski goggles for you

Best ski goggles for you

Now we’re biased of course against our own models, we’re so proud of the eyewear we have built so we will also run through which of our Powster goggles might be best for you by highlighting the key features and benefits, then you can make an informed decision on the best ski goggles for you, no matter what type or rider you are. 

So, you’ve tried skiing or snowboarding for the first time or you are new to the sport and wondering how to choose the best ski goggles for you? Well, don’t worry, we have put together a quick-fire guide to explain the most vital points in choosing a pair of ski or snowboard goggles to suit your style, requirements and budget. 

Now we’re biased of course against our own models, we’re so proud of the eyewear we have built so we will also run through which of our Powster goggles might be best for you by highlighting the key features and benefits, then you can make an informed decision on the best ski goggles for you, no matter what type or rider you are. 

What are ski goggles?

It won't surprise you to hear that ski goggles are worlds apart from other types of goggles, like the ones you wear during chemistry class in high school for example. They also vary in technology and style to motocross, motorbiking or other forms of athletic goggles. 

The most simplistic explanation is that essentially ski goggles prevent damage to your eyes by protecting them from wind, the sun and filtering 100% of the UV rays. The intensity of the sun increases with altitude, particularly in the microclimate of the mountains and so does the snow glare. Protecting your eyes is therefore essential for the health of your eyes as well as to enhance your riding experience and make you the best rider you can be.

Ski goggles are the same as snowboard goggles, generally speaking, there don't need to be any distinguishing design features as the core product should offer optical clarity and visual power and be super comfortable no matter what, even if you wear prescription glasses.  

What does OTG mean in ski goggles?

OTG stands for “Over The Glasses” and describes a type of goggle frame designed to combine snow goggles and optical glasses. Some people don't like to opt for contact lenses when riding or perhaps simply find glasses more comfortable so to allow glasses wearers to simply wear goggles over the top, this type of goggle style has been engineered.  More spacious goggle frames to keep your glasses from being pushed up your nose and enhance your vision on the mountain while offering the wearer style and comfort which are the more cost-effective option to prescription snow goggles. 

Best ski goggles for you

Why choose Powster snow goggles

We offer the most affordable performance goggles for all conditions that provide superior optical clarity and low-light visibility, that are extra durable with no fog guaranteed. Our double-layer lens construct with temperature insulation layer, anti-fog film offers a best-in-class anti-fog solution on the market.

We’re also one of the only companies that offers two Lenses, we got you covered for all weather conditions!

Best ski goggles for you

Change your lenses with ease, without skipping a beat, easy to use, smart transitional lenses that won't break the bank or let you down as you ride! You can go from riding the trees as the pow falls to shredding the pistes in the sunshine seamlessly! 

Enhance contrast and colour perception, ability to see the moguls and other hazards easily. Unmatched clarity and visual integrity to ensure you pick up every detail on and off the slopes. Unparalleled vision to ensure the best ride of your life.

Best ski goggles for you

Goggles that are as adventurous as you, created to ensure fog and mist don't hold you back, ride as hard as you can. Our innovative goggles are built with excellence and come in various designs and styles to be as versatile and stylish as you. Goggles sorted, now you can focus on landing that trick. 

Asteroid goggles

Best ski goggles for you- Asteroid goggles

The Asteroid goggle is one of our OG- original goggle models, we love them! 

The Asteroid is a rimless goggle which offers a really sleek and cool aesthetic. This model also fits really well with most modern helmet styles given this design. The Asteroid is big, which is great for riders who like a very modern design and a full uninterrupted field of vision.  Imagine everything in 4K resolution with the SPXTRATM lens by ZEISS as well. The Asteroids are a great investment that is built to last for many seasons to come especially given they come with 1X goggle case, 1X spare lens case and 1X microfiber bag for additional protection that lasts.  You can change the goggles easily with the MaglockTM quick-change system, swapping lenses on the mountain has never been easier.

Pulsar goggles 

Best ski goggles for you- Pulsar goggles

Another one of our OG- original designs, the Pulsar is the definition of affordable luxury. The Pulsar is our premium model complete with full UV Protection (UV 400).

The goggles give complete protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays with an extra wide field of view. The wide peripheral vision helps you to avoid dangers and looks seriously darn cool with a seamless fog-free fit. Check out all the colour ways or even check our or limited edition collab with Olympian Leon Vockensperger.

The signature flying dragon graphics are designed in partnership with the legendary Leon Vockensperger with our proprietary technology, the white logos on the strap transform into blue under sunlight. The goggles come with a bonus clean white strap for swapping into different styles on the mountain. 

Twilight goggles

Best ski goggles for you- Twilight goggles

The Twilight goggle has an extra wide field of view triple layer foam with complete uv protection. This model is wider at the sides but less wide in length for people who like a more petite goggle style. As always. complete UV protection with UV 400, from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The Powster Twilight goggles use the Balanced™ toric lens technology for a wide field of view with distortion-free optics. Designed for smaller faces, the sleek frame creates a seamless fit and maximal peripheral vision. Our 360-degree ventilation system helps keep lenses fog free. 

Supernova goggles

Best ski goggles for you- supernova goggles

The Supernova goggles introduce a new level of optical performance thanks to Powster’s balanced™ toric lens, protection from harmful sun rays amplified in the mountains and  distortion for an optimum visual experience when riding. The Supernova is another of our smaller designs for total comfort, conformity to the helmet and stylish design for those who like a more compact google. 

Zenith goggles

Best ski goggles for you- zenith goggles

The Zeniths are our new staff pick! Designed for ultimate performance, the zenith goggles features multiple industry pioneering technologies. whether you are flying off cliffs, shredding powder in the backcountry or sending big jumps at the park, the Zenith goggle got you covered. the first Powster goggle features spxtra pro 3l lens technology developed in partnership with ZEISS, the 3-layer lens construct delivers maximum antifog properties, unparallel optical clarity as well as enhanced visibility during white-out conditions. Powster’s proprietary pow-lymer shock absorption materials protects your facial area from devastating impact. the amalgate™ frame offers comfort at the face interface and precision on the lens interface, and guess what, it’s also made out of biobased, sustainable materials.

There you have it, an easy guide to the best ski goggles for you. Remember to LIVE FULL and ride POW-ster!

Best ski goggles for you

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