Powster Studios exists to allow adventurers to LIVE FULL and experience each of our outdoor journeys without regrets.

Some of our closest friends experienced major accidents from their outdoor adventures - from fractured cheek bones to broken spines, which inspired us to establish Powster to create some of the most advanced performance and safety-driven outdoor gear. While being technically driven, we do not believe you have to sacrifice design aesthetics. At Powster we strive to design products that are comfortable whilst looking good!

Everything in Powster begins from a place of authentic observation and curiosity. We are always inspired by the ever-expanding possibilities that allow our like-minded clients to excel at lifetime adventures.

Reimagining outdoor gear

It began with the snow googles and helmets. We set out to innovate; combining state-of-the-art performance, advanced materials, and thoughtful craftsmanship while challenging everything from the materials that exist to the way products are manufactured and distributed.

Innovation is in our nature

We are redefining outdoor gear from the ground up. At Powster, we create intuitive innovations solutions that allow you to LIVE FULL and experience each outdoor journey, taking away the safety risks and uncomfortableness that jeopardise your experience, whilst always being at the forefront of sustainable design and practices.

Reflecting our values

We believe in protecting our natural playground — snow, mountain, fresh air, sunshine, and outdoor journeys with friends and family—are the greatest luxuries and they should be accessible to everyone. That’s why our products don’t come at the cost of the environment, our people’s well-being, or future generations.

Explore Unknown Possibilities