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Powster Ambasador Certified - Emil Zulian

Powster Ambasador Certified - Emil Zulian

We’re lucky enough to have some of the best ambassadors in the skiing and snowboarding world here at Powster, so it would be crime not to pick their brains on all things powder snow! We catch up with Emil Zulian who you can follow on Instagram @emilzulian


1 - What got you into skiing or snowboarding? How old were you? 

My older brother introduced me to snowboarding, I started when I was 7 years old. I saw him and his friends riding on the mountain on those cool boards and I wanted to be like them.


2 - Where is your favourite place to visit when on the slopes?

The place I like visiting more is definetely my home mountain where all started, preferably after a good snowfall


3 - Other than your Powster gear, what’s your must have items when packing for a new season? 

After the Powster gear the other must have items for me are the base layer clothes to never get cold, neck warmer and leather mittens


4 - Favourite memory when on the slopes? 

So many good memories but landing my first ever backflip on a jump I built myself is hard to beat. I was sooo hyped!


5 - Where are you heading for the new season when it starts? 

First location where I gonna go after getting back from my shoulder surgery is gonna be Banger Park in Austria. That place is amazing for training after a summer stop.


6 -Advice for anybody just starting out?

My advice for beginners is to not be in a rush of learning many tricks, the most important thing is to learn how to ride good and tricks will come by themselves. Also have as much fun as possible!


7 - Which trick or run are you most proud of? 

In Aspen, Colorado I landed my most difficult run ever on the kickers: first jump frontside double underflip 1260, second jump switch backside double cork 1080, third jump cab triple cork 1620.

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