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Snowboarding 101 - Getting ready for the slopes

Snowboarding 101 - Getting ready for the slopes

So you want to be a snowboarder! Whether you’re a skiing expert looking to move to one board, or somebody looking to trade the surf for the snow, picking up snowboarding is much easier than you think!

Like any new hobby or sport, you do need a starting point which is why POWSTER are here with a handy guide to introduce you to the wonderful world of snowboarding!

The Basics

Here we need to cover the more boring parts of your journey to snowboarding, and while things get more fun later, it’s important not to skip on these following key points.

  • How to properly put on your boots.
  • The basic parts of a snowboard.
  • How to strap in and out of a snowboard.
  • Figuring out your snowboard stance.
  • How to carry your snowboard.

Check out the following video for a more in depth look:


Starter Moves

Hopefully it doesn’t come as a shock, but we’re not going to be starting off with backflips! It’s important to completely master the fundamentals before even attempting anything serious, and these moves will form the fundamentals of everything moving forward so don’t skip these critical techniques:

  • How to skate and glide.
  • How to get up from the ground (while strapped in).
  • How to move uphill.

Master Your Balance

Many seasoned snowboarders will tell you that life on the snow is all about balance, with a small tilt or shift making all the difference. The problem is you should be moving at a very quick pace, meaning these decisions and tweaks occur in a split second. Compound the environment and you can see why understanding the core need to balance is so very important when on your snowboard!

These are the 4 key moves that will help improve your balance:

  • The two-footed hop.
  • How to ollie.
  • How to nose press and tail press.
  • How to 180.

Advanced Moves

So you’ve mastered the basics, and you’re ready for some more intermediate moves. So which moves should you be looking at next? How about:

  • Tilt
  • Twist
  • Pivot
  • Pressure

We hope that these tips give you the courage to take up the wonderful sport of snowboarding, a huge thanks to PSIA-AASI for the amazing videos!

Now let’s hit those slopes!

Snowboards for beginners:

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