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Off Season Ski Blues? Great tips on what to do when away from the slopes!

Off Season Ski Blues? Great tips on what to do when away from the slopes!

Reading Off Season Ski Blues? Great tips on what to do when away from the slopes! 4 minutes Next Snowboarding 101 - Getting ready for the slopes
The slopes are empty, as the weather makes (most) attempts at enjoying the snow peaks next to impossible. What does that mean for the thousands of professionals who call the white slopes their home? Do they just power down like some kind of ski terminator until the snow starts to fall again next season?
We got in touch with our ambassadors and some POWSTER customers to find out what happens in the off season for them and we’ve wrapped it all together in this weeks blog to help make sure you are using your off season time correctly. So what’s needed to get yourself ready for next season AND to ensure that your time is used wisely?
Up first is rest and recuperation, it might sound crazy but switching off is vital for the body and soul. It’s an unfortunate fact that sending it hard has a negative impact on your body, with various breaks, tears and bruises happening throughout the season. Most use this time to fully recuperate and in more extreme cases use the time to get some long awaited surgery on some of the more serious injuries that need to be solved before the slopes reopen!
Powster ambassador @emilzulian using his time to get some much needed surgery!
Now that the most important factor (health) has been taken care of it’s time to look at getting BACK on the slopes! Next up POWSTER recommends that some planning for next season takes place, while many of you have favorite locations, it might be time to spend this time researching the hottest new slopes and locations. We’re not ashamed to say we have a little black notepad that contains EVERYTHING we need to get ready for the new season, and it’s around this time (when we’re already getting snow withdrawal symptoms) that a health dose of planning and booking with help delay those moody feelings!
Get planning your next adventure while you have the time!
So we’re repaired physically and planned out for next season, so what’s next?
Just like your body, your equipment will also need repairing and updating to the latest most improved
versions, so whether it’s your board, skis, apparel or POWSTER gear ,make sure you’re
 using this time to ensure you have the very best gear that best suits you for next season. Remember you are your equipment, so think back to what you hated last season, or that time you really needed a spare, and had to suffer without. You lived, now learn and adapt so nothing prevents a good time when you’re next soaring through the snow. You’ve also got the time to go deeper, so use that time to properly research your gear and apparel, there’s nothing wrong with ordering and sending it back if it doesn’t feel right! We live in the most modern of times with products available from around the world, make use of the times (and the time!)
Now that the important stuff has been taken care of, it’s time to take care of your soul! You’ve been away from normality for so long POWSTER highly recommends that you catch up on the world! Get yourself to the cinema, catch up on your Netflix shows, a new book and spoil yourself with your favorite meals, all while counting down to next season!
There you have it, a must have step by step guide to using this off season wisely, now rest up and get ready to SEND IT next season!

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